The History Of The Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner is quite possibly one of the most lusted-after and well-known watches ever commercially produced. It has been the identity of Rolex’s luxurious brand since 1953 when it was first introduced as a prototypical diving watch.

The watch itself has evolved quite considerably since 1953 when it was first introduced and that is part of the hallmarks of prestige that Rolex demands from its manufactured wristwatches.

Much like its close counterpart, The Daytona, The Submariner takes its name from the influence of the market and environment at that time. 1953 was when recreational scuba diving started to take place and Rolex first released this watch as a diving aid for Scuba Divers.

It was often known as the ultimate diving partner for Scuba Divers at that time as it was completely waterproof to dive to depths of up to 100 meters, which for that period, was both incredibly modern and highly sought after.

The popularity of the watch not only increased within the diving community but to the general watch market, it proved highly popular among the upper and middle classes as the timepiece for average daily use.

It was only a short period of time before the top celebrities started to become ambassadors for the Submariner due to the popularity it had created within that era.

Who better else to wear one than James Bond himself? Sean Connery was first seen wearing The Submariner playing James Bond in Dr. no in 1962, the very first of its long series.

The watch itself has evolved over the years, however, it’s evolved in true Rolex fashion, subtly and elegantly within the numerous years they have been producing The Model.

Introducing Crown Guards to the watch in 1959; adding Sapphire Crystal in 1979; Adding the Two-Tone Gold and Silver Submariner in 1984; to eventually adding ceramic bezzles in 2008. It hasn’t been a short journey in Rolex’s strive for perfection – But it’s been a successful one.

For years pre-owned watch collectors have been trying to get their hands on the multiple different brands of Rolex in the market and the Submariner has proved to be the most popular.

In the modern-day Market, unsurprisingly the demand for these watches is incredibly high and the market isn’t blessed with a never-ending supply for Watch Collectors to get their hands on.

They are, however, often available due to resales, but you’ll have to spend big. To buy a new Submariner it will often cost you less than a vintage one, and due to Rolex taking a 10-year gap in production, The market demand only increased for these watches.

The Submariner in the modern day produces a fully waterproof casing and durability up to 300 metres of fully submerged diving depth, but they aren’t often used for this.

They are the Hallmark of every pre-owned watch collector’s itinerary and are often worn as a symbol of both wealth and class within the modern era.

If you’re lucky enough to own one, the probability is that its investment value is only going to increase, and if you don’t own one, well, you’re going to have to pay an awful lot of money to get your hands on one.

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